High school students who plan to attend college or adults who are thinking of returning to school to get a college degree need to take the SAT exam. While you can take alternative exams for some colleges and universities, many schools recognize the SAT exam as the standard when they are admitting new students into the school.

Due to the high level of competition when it comes to getting into the best colleges and universities, the demand for SAT prep courses has increased over the years. The best online prep for SAT exam results depends on your learning style and your personal choices in relation to your preferred methods of study. You have a variety of options available online or in-person when it comes to SAT prep courses, so you want to focus on the courses and materials that work with your personal goals for the exam.

By preparing for the test with a prep course, you can feel confident in your abilities to pass when you go into the exam. The prep courses give you the practice you need to understand the format of the exam and ensure that you are prepared to handle the questions that will arise throughout the test. It gives you the chance to improve your test scores before you submit applications to a college or university. You have the option to take the courses before you take the exam or to use the courses to improve an existing score that is not ideal for your college goals.

1. Princeton Review


Princeton Review offers an SAT prep course that prepares students to improve their results on the SAT exam. The prep course emphasizes the areas that cause the most problems for students on the exam. It ensures that students understand the questions, learn to resolve questions through the most efficient methods and that they do not waste time trying to memorize information that is not helpful on the test. It also provides students with practice questions and tests that help them recognize the format of the exam before they take the test.

The Princeton Review courses range from a self-paced program to a program that guarantees a result of 1500 or more on the exam. The costs associated with the courses range from $299 to $2299, depending on the specific option that students select. You can also add private tutoring for $150 per hour if you need additional assistance or want to work with a professional in a one-on-one basis. The tutoring costs may vary based on the amount of time you work with a tutor, so you should be aware that the exact costs can change based on your decisions for practice and study. Princeton Review offers discounts and promotions at different times of the year, so you want to pay attention to any promotions to cut back on costs when looking at the online programs.

2. College Prep Genius

college prep genius 1

College Prep Genius is the best SAT prep online course for students who are looking for a way to stay in a strict budget and get a high score on the SAT. It recognizes that the SAT score may influence or impact a student’s ability to get scholarships or grants in some colleges and universities, and it works with student goals for education to prepare for the test. Students are able to take a boot camp for a comprehensive study of the topics on the test or can focus on more fundamental studies at a relaxed pace. Students have a few options to prepare for the exam, so they can opt for the online course that fits their learning style or preferences.

The cost of the online course through College Prep Genius is between $139 and $189. Both courses are accessible for a full year and the primary difference between the courses is the amount of content and practice available to students. Students have access to more options in the comprehensive program when compared to the fundamental program. It ensures that students are able to prepare based on their personal abilities and skills.

3. Green Test Prep

green test prep

Green Test Prep is one of the best online SAT prep courses for students who want to improve on a previous SAT score or who want to ensure they get a high score in the first exam. It offers a variety of resources and tools to help students succeed that range from free guides to customizable training schedules to help students work on their goals. The focus of the program is to ensure that students understand the real-world application of the topics they study so that it stays interesting and fresh when working on improving personal skills.

Green Test Prep offers free guides for students who are taking the SAT. It also provides a membership program that gives students access to SAT practice materials, study materials, and other tools to help improve their ability to score well on the SAT. Membership gives students access to workbooks, videos, and even advice for working on college applications to ensure that students are able to take full advantage of their SAT scores. The price for unlimited membership is $497 and it is considered a lifetime membership. The prices may change over time due to promotions, special rates, and changes to the basic rate, so students should be aware that they may need to pay different rates based on the time when they join.

4. Higher Scores Test Prep

higher scores test prep

When you are looking for the best SAT prep courses online, you may want to consider Higher Scores Test Prep. The online courses focus on improving test scores by improving student knowledge of the subject and improving student abilities when it comes to their testing methods. It prepares students for the exam format and ensures that students go into the test with a plan of action to avoid slowing down and wasting time on a single question. It also gives students the practice they need to feel comfortable with the exam format before they move forward with the final test.

Higher Scores Test Prep offers two study packages for students: the SAT Quick Prep and the SAT Complete Package. The courses range from $187 to $647, depending on the program that students choose. The Quick Prep program does not offer the same level as the comprehensive study that is available in the complete package, but it does offer a guarantee that students will improve their scores on the SAT with only four hours of learning the strategic approach to the SAT exam. It still offers a study guide and a full-length practice test to help students prepare for the exam. The comprehensive program offers a larger number of tools to learn materials for the test and offers additional practice tests to ensure that students are prepared for the exam.

5. Kaplan Test Prep

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Kaplan Test Prep offers one of the best SAT prep online courses for students who are planning to take the exam for college admissions. The prep courses through Kaplan Test Prep allow students to work on materials in different formats. It ensures that students are able to work in a format that fits their learning styles and allows them to focus on accomplishing their goals. They can opt for an on-demand program that allows them to access video materials, practice questions, and quizzes when it fits their schedules. They also have the option to take live online classes that follow a traditional classroom format or an ultimate course that combines the live classes with the on-demand courses. Students are able to access the tools throughout the year and can use the resources to prepare if they decide to try improving their test results.

The costs associated with the Kaplan Test Prep courses depend on the options that you choose. The programs range from $149 to $1299, but it does offer a payment plan on the more expensive options with no interest to help individuals who may have a strict budget. Students can also seek one-on-one tutoring through Kaplan Test Prep, but tutoring costs may vary based on the amount of time a student needs with a tutor. Exact costs differ based on the choices of the student.

6. Khan Academy


If you are looking for a budget-friendly test prep course for the SAT, then Khan Academy offers a solution to help with your goals. It is one of the best SAT online prep courses for individuals who are on a strict budget and cannot afford the more expensive programs. It offers practice tests and quizzes, as well as strategies, tips, and resources to help students prepare for the format of the exam. By ensuring that students are able to practice for the test, it gives students an opportunity to improve their scores.

The cost of the Khan Academy test prep for the SAT exam is nothing. It is a free resource that is funded by donations and it is a non-profit organization that works on ensuring that students have access to educational resources when they do not have the funds to pay for an online or in-person course. The resources are free to use and students can take practice tests or use the study materials to improve on their weaknesses. The Khan Academy is a self-study course, so students can work at their own pace to learn the materials. 

7. Magoosh

Magoosh logo

Magoosh offers an online SAT course for students who are planning to take the test and need to prepare It offers a variety of practice questions, video lessons, and comprehensive reviews to help students stay on track to meet their goals. Students can feel confident in the program since it offers a seven-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the format or methods of teaching, then you can discontinue the program and get a full refund.

The costs for Magoosh courses depend on the specific course you select. You can opt for one, three, or 12 months, so the exact costs may vary. The price ranges from $100 to $1200; however, Magoosh does offer discounted rates at times for the 12-month program that may cut back on the costs. You will want to pay attention to any special promotions or discounts that are available to get the best deal on the courses. 

8. PrepExpert


Prep Expert offers one of the best online SAT prep courses to help students improve their results in a reasonable amount of time. The program offers a money-back guarantee on the flagship course based on the student’s final scores on the SAT exam. If the score does not increase by 200 points or more, then students are able to get their money back for the program. It also offers a free class on college and scholarships to help students understand their options for scholarships and funding in college.

The cost of the online course through Prep Expert depends on the program that students select. The courses range from the flagship course that is six-weeks long to the weekend review course that is designed to help students review for the test on the weekend before they take the exam. The prices range from $499 to $999, so students and parents are able to select the program that fits their specific needs and goals. 

9. PrepScholar


The online SAT prep course from PrepScholar is one of the best options for students who want to improve their SAT scores and prepare for college. The online course offers a 160 point guarantee to give students peace of mind that their SAT scores will improve over time. It also ensures that students are prepared for the format of the SAT exam and have the knowledge they need to answer questions correctly on the test.

Costs associated with PrepScholar depend on the specific type of program that students select. Since you can get a free consultation for the SAT exam prep, you are able to find out the best option for your learning style. The prices range from $397 to $995, so students are able to opt for different packages based on their needs. The most expensive program offers one-on-one tutoring and may have additional costs if you want to add extra hours with the tutor. 

10. Testive


Testive offers online prep courses for the SAT exam that prepare students to succeed on the test. It takes a coaching or tutoring approach to the learning process and recognizes that students may need extra training from a professional to help them keep up with the exam. Since it uses coaching as the process of learning, it ensures that students are prepared for the exam by working with a tutor in a one-on-one setting.

The costs associated with Testive depend on the type of program you select. You can opt for the one-time boot camp program that is designed for students who have six weeks or less before their exams or you can opt for the monthly coaching programs that have a month-to-month cost. The price for the one-time boot camp is $799 and it is a single expense. If you decide to pursue the coaching options, you can expect to pay from $399 to $599 a month. You can also create a custom plan and schedule, which may add to the basic costs. Testive does offer free practice tests online to help students prepare for the exam.

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